Michelle Alvarado


  • Video production
  • Story development and scripting
  • Digital media marketing
  • YouTube channel build
  • Commercial videography


When Michelle sold her first car to buy an underwater camera housing, it was evident where her career was heading. It meant she would have to pedal her bike or bum a ride to the ocean. But it allowed her to follow a dream she had since the first time she went scuba diving at age 12 – to slip beneath the surface of the water and film the mysteries that lay below. 

It’s rare that someone finds their passion at such a young age and follows it dogmatically, unwilling to be diverted by adolescent whims. But just like her images, Michelle stayed focused. She got accepted at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, the same program that challenged Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and eventually landed a job at National Geographic Feature Films. Her underwater footage can be seen on an award-winning documentary called Strange Days on Planet Earth, a four-part television program on PBS concerning the human impact on the earth’s environment

In 2003, Michelle decided to surface in order to focus her career on the community and moved to Central Oregon, where she began teaching media arts and videography at Bend High School. Two years later, she seized the opportunity to start “living the dream” of running her own video company. Today, Wahoo Films is a nationally recognized production company that produces powerfully compelling “docu-mercials” – highly targeted films that connect companies directly with their customers in an extremely personal way.

Wahoo is redefining the way today’s businesses think about web marketing, advertising and promotions. Michelle strongly believes that any organization that is not using online video as a way to create customer loyalty, generate new clients and expand their market is missing a huge opportunity to reach their consumers where they live – on the web – in one of the most affordable, scalable and effective ways.

When she’s not floating in a shark cage or hanging out of a helicopter to get the perfect footage, Michelle can be found sharing her passion for video with students at COCC and capturing a few shots of her 5-year-old daughter in Oregon’s great outdoors.