• Cam Davis, Wordplay
  • Michelle Alvarado, Wahoo Films
  • Paul Ruettgers, Kinetic Branding
  • Andrew Untermeyer, KTVZ
  • Andy Gray, Black Crater
  • Steve Tague, Steve Tague Studios
  • Chris Piper, Halo

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Members of Creative Bend can be as flexible as the project you need help with. Each member has their own individual business that you can contact directly (contact information below), or you can engage the whole group by filling out the inquiry form below.

Michelle Alvarado / Wahoo Films
541.585.3456  /  michelle@wahoofilms.com  /  www.wahoofilms.com

Cam Davis / Wordplay
541.408.1998  /  cam@camdavis.com  /  www.camdavis.com

Andy Gray / Black Crater Software Solutions
541.280.3145  /  andy.gray@blackcrater.com  /  www.blackcrater.com

Chris Piper / Halo
541.323.3382 / chris.piper@halo.com / www.halo.com

Paul Ruettgers / Kinetic Branding

541.550.7272  /  paul@kineticbranding.com  /  www.kineticbranding.com

Steve Tague / Steve Tague Studios
541.410.4678  /  steve@stevetague.com  /  www.stevetague.com

Andrew Untermeyer / KFXO
541.480.6114  /  andrew.untermeyer@kfxo.com  /  www.kfxo.com

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